Joint 15th Riga and 6th PAMIR International Conference on
7th PAMIR International Conference on
Fundamental and Applied MHD
Fundamental and Applied MHD
   September 8 - 12, 2008 - Presqu'île de Giens - France.   | Home | IPUL Home | MHD-Online | Contacts |

    CONFERENCE PROGRAM (update August 18)

    CONFERENCE PROGRAM (update August 18, 2008)

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    Monday, September 8

    8h30-9h10 Opening ceremony



    Basic MHD

    Chairman : René Moreau (France)


    M. Abdou - USA

    Invited lecture : The path toward magnetic fusion energy demonstration and the role of ITER


    F. Stefani, G. Gerbeth, Th. Gundrum, J. Szklarski

    Liquid metal experiments on the helical magnetorotational instability


    David W. Hughes

     Action in Turbulent Convection


    10h30-11h00 Coffee break




    Chairman : Ahcene Bouabdaellah (Algeria)

    Liquid metal technology and energy

    Chairman : Andris Bojarevics (Latvia)


    Ait Abderrahmane H and Vatistas G.H.

    Effects of longitudinal magnetic fields and transversal electrical field on the stability of thin layer of electrically conducting fluid flowing down an inclined plane

    Alessandro Liberati, T.Murakami, Y.Okuno, and H.Yamasaki

    Numerical simulation of MHD flow and Heat transfer in the disk MHD generator of the closed loop experimental facility at Tokyo Tech.


    T. Boeck, D. Krasnov, M. Rossi, O. Zikanov

    Optimal linear growth in MHD duct flow

    E. Baake, M. Langejürgen, M. Kirpo, A. Jakovics

    Analysis of transient heat and mass exchange in induction channel furnaces using LES


    L. Bühler and S. Horanyi

    Experimental investigation on the stability of MHD flows in a conducting flat rectangular duct for large Hartmann numbers

    Denisov S.A., Dolgikh V.M., Kolesnichenko I.V., Khripchenko S.Yu.

    Pumping effect in a plane MHD-channel generated by electrovortex flow


    C. Zhang, S. Eckert, G. Gerbeth

    Bubble-driven liquid metal flows influenced by miscellaneous magnetic fields

    O. Zikanov, D. Krasnov, T.Boeck, and A. Thess

    Large-scale intermittency of liquid-metal channel flow in a magnetic field


    I.Kolesnichenko, S.Khripchenko, D.Buchenau, G.Gerbeth

    Non-stationary electro-vortex flows in a long shallow channel with conducting fluid

     S. Smolentsev , R. Moreau, M. Abdou

    Study of MHD mixed convection in the DCLL blanket conditions


    12h40-14h10 Lunch



    P. Frick - Russia

    Invited lecture : MHD-turbulence and turbulent effects in large-scale dynamo



    Chairman : Rodion Stepanov (Russia)

    Liquid metal technology and energy

    Chairman : Evgeny Krasilnikov (Russia)


    M. Proctor

    The role of fluctuations in mean-field alpha-omega dynamo

    A. Smakhtin

    Ensuring conditions for plasma stream motion across magnetic field


    I.Kolesnichenko, P.Frick

    The flow of electrically conducting fluid through a helical magnetic field

    I.Bucenieks, K.Kravalis

    Characteristics of  Disks type EM Induction Permanent Magnet Pump


    Reshetnyak, M.Yu.

    Direct and inverse cascades in rapidly rotating dynamo systems

    R. Algrall, O. Coulaud, P. Henon, R. Huart, G. Huysmans, G. Latu, B. Nkonga, S. Pamela, P. Ramet

    Numerical simulation of tokamak plasma


    M. Fischer, G. Gerbeth, A. Giesecke and F. Stefani

    Constraining the geodynamo by sequences of field reversals

    V. Frishfelds, A. Jakovics, B. Nacke and E. Baake

    Fractal like growth-up of channel furnaces and its influence on flow through channels


    16h10-16h30 Coffee break






    Chairman : Mickael Proctor (UK)


    Chairman : Michael Mond (Israel)


    G. Lipsbergs and A. Gailitis

    Search for the next Dynamo experiment


    E. Jurcisinova, M. Jurcisin, and R. Remecky

    Intermittency and anomalous scaling in a model of magnetohydrodynamics turbulence


    K.-H. Raedler and A. Brandenburg

    Alpha-effect dynamo without kinetic helicity

    B. Teaca, M.K. Verma, P. Burattini, B. Knaepen, M. Kinet and D. Carati

    Energy transfers in anisotropic magnetohydrodynamic


    V. Pipin and N. Seehafer

    On the turbulent sources of the solar dynamo

     V. Dymkou and A. Pothérat

    Spectral study of the magnetohydrodynamic turbulence under imposed magnetic field


    J. Priede, G. Gerbeth

    Helical magnetorotational instability in a Taylor-couette flow

    D. Krasnov, O. Zikanov, J. Schumacher, T. Boeck

    MHD turbulence in channel flow with spanwise magnetic field


    R. Stepanov, F. Plunian

    Saturation scenario for turbulent dynamo


    A. Mikelsons, J.Valdmanis

    Pair of Rankin-type vortexes in MHD


    Tuesday, September 9



    Chairman : Rioychi Aogaki  (Japan)


    Iwao Mogi (and Kazuo Watanabe)- Japan

    Invited lecture :  Chirality in Magnetoelectrolysis


    C. Cronemberger, R. Ballou, and P. Molho

    Characterization of MHD in thin cell electrodeposition


    G. Mutschke, C.Cierpka, T.Weier, K. Eckert, S. Mühlenhoff and A. Bund

    Three-dimensional magnetic field effects during metal electrodeposition in cuboid cells


    J. A. Koza, M. Uhlemann, A. Gebert, L. Schultz

    The effect of magnetic fields on the electrodepositon of CoFe alloys


    A.L. Daltin, J.P. Chopart         

    Magnetic field effect on electrodeposition of Cu2O crystals


    10h30-11h00 Coffee break



    Chairman :
    Tom Weier (Germany)

    Rotating flows 

    Chairman : Andre Thess (Germany)


    R. Aogaki, R. Morimoto and A. Sugiyama

    Double Layer Mechanism in Self-Organization of Copper Secondary Nodules under a Parallel Magnetic Field

    E. Yu. Krasilnikov

    Magnetohydrodynamic intensification mechanism  of tropical and extratropical cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes and method of they prevention


    X. Yang, K. Eckert, P. Nikrityuk, K. Seidel, and M. Uhlemann

    The start-up process of natural convection in presence of  counteracting Lorentz force-driven convection

    A. Beltran, S. Cuevas and E. Ramos

    Vortex generation and shedding by an oscillatory localized magnetic field



    P. R. Zabinski, A. Jarek, R. Kowalik

    Effect of Applied External Magnetic Field on Electrodeposition of Cobalt Alloys for Hydrogen Evolution in 8 M NaOH

    A. Figueroa, S. Cuevas and E. Ramos

    Mixing with a time-dependent MHD flow



    A. Levesque, S. Chouchane, J.P. Chopart, J. Douglade and R. Rehamnia

    Effect of high magnetic field on electrodeposited Zn-Ni alloys

    Gellert M., Ruediger G. and Schultz M.

    Towards eddy-conductivity measurements in MHD Taylor-Couette flows




    Ph. Mathon, A. Nouri, A. Alemany, J.-P. Chopart, V. Sobolik

    Electro-chemical processes controlled by high magnetic fields : application to MHD sea water propulsion

    T. Tamsaout, A. Bouabdallah and A. Alemany

    Free surface and inclined spherical Taylor–Couette flow application to the Dynamo effect


    12h40-14h10 Lunch



    M. Uhlemann - Germany

    Invited lecture : Electrodeposition of thin magnetic layers in high magnetic field



    Chairman : Piotr Zabinski (Poland)

    Fundamental MHD

    Chairman : Sergio Cuevas (Mexico)


    E.Platacis, R.Krishbergs, F.Muktepavela, A.Shishko

    Analysis of the strong magnetic field influence on the corrosion of Eurofer steel in Pb17Li melt flows

    A. Beklemishev, C. Cremaschini, J. C. Miller and M. Tessarotto

    Gravitational MHD equilibria in the presence of differential rotation


    C. Cronemberger, R. Ballou, and P. Molho

    Numerical simulation of MHD in thin cell electrodeposition

    René Moreau, Sergey Smolentsev, and Sergio Cuevas

    Flow in an insulating rectangular duct at the entry of a magnet. Part 1. Influence of the Hartmann layers and inertia


    A. Nouri, Ph. Mathon, A. Alemany, J.-P. Chopart, V. Sobolik

    Influence of the magnetic forces on the electrochemical processes

    V. Shatrov, G. Gerbeth, R. Hermann

    An alternating magnetic field driven flow in a spinning cylindrical container and its three-dimensional linear stability analysis


    T. Weier, Ch. Cierpka, K. Eckert, M. Uhlemann, A. Bund

    Flow structure and concentration distribution in seemingly parallel magnetic and electric fields

    V.Vorohobovs, A. Cebers

    Delicate milling of non-magnetic substances by small iron-oxide spherical beads


     A. Pedčenko, S. Molokov , P.J. Thomas, A. Lukyanov, J. Priede

    Experimental study of interfacial instability in aluminium reduction cells

    R. Klein, A. Pothérat

    Experiment on MHD - Turbulence at low magnetic Reynolds’s number



    16h30  Coffee break and poster session 1


    Poster Session 1 - Fundamental MHD and magnetoelectrolysis

    Chairmen : Margitta Uhlemann  (Germany) and Pierre Molho (France)

    A. Golubev, E. Krasilnikov, V. Luschik

    Experimental studies of liquid metal flow over a cylinder and a flat plat in longitudinal magnetic field

    A. F. Zibold

    Evolution of the hydrodynamical structure arising in the cylinder of the limited length under action of the rotating magnetic field

    I. Selezov

    Suppression of plate oscillations by MHD-feedback control

    M. Al Radi, A. Hassan, A. Alemany

    Influence of a contra rotating or a co rotating applied magnetic field on rotating flow structure  at Liquid/Liquid Interface

    J. Priede, S. Aleksandrova, S. Molokov

    Stability of buoyant convection in laterally heated liquid metal layer subject to transverse magnetic field

    Y. Shibasaki, T. Tagawa, K. Ueno

    Effect of an external magnetic field on a rising air bubble in a liquid metal

    X. Zhang, A. Cramer ,G. Gerbeth

    Thermoelectromagnetic convection in a cubic container

    J.Valdmanis, A.Cipijs, R.Valdmane

    Tranverse E║B waves and theirs MHD aspects

    N. Seehafer, M. Fuhrmann, G. Valori, and B. Kliem

    Solar force-free magnetic fields

    T. Lessinnes and D. Carati

    An helical shell model for MHD turbulence

    A. Klykin, I. Grants, G. Gerbeth

    Experimental study of traveling magnetic field driven instability in a thermally stratified liquid gallium cylinder

    E. Golbraikh, A. Kapusta, Sh. Lesin, B. Mikhailovich and B. Tilman

    Turbulent Melt Flow in a Cylindrical Vessel under the Action of Superposition of Two Anharmonic RMFs

    Yu. Kolesnikov, Ch. Karcher, A. Thess, V. Minchenya

    Lorentz force velocimetry : development and application

    E. Ligere, I. Dzenite

    Analytical solution to the MHD problem on the influence of cross flow on the main flow in the plane channel at the Hartman large numbers

    S. Cuevas, R. Moreau, and S. Smolentsev

    Flow in an insulating rectangular duct at the entry of a magnet. Part 2. Pressure distribution and head losses

    S.Ivanov, E.Platacis, I. Platnieks, R. Krishbergs, A. Flerov,  A.Shishko, A.Zik,

    Experimental Studies of the MHD Processes at the Inlet Elements of the Liquid Metal Blanket

    J. A. Koza, M. Uhlemann, A. Gebert, L. Schultz

    The effect of a magnetic field on the pH value in front of the electrode

    F.Muktepavela, E.Platacis, R. Krishbergs, A.Shishko

    Experimental Studies of the Strong Magnetic Field Action on the Corrosion of RAFM Steels in Pb17Li Melt Flows

    K.L. Rabah, A. Harrach, O. Aaboubi, J.-P. Chopart

    Is there anything else but MHD for magnetically induced convection into a homogeneous field ?

    Ph. Mathon, A. Nouri, A. Alemany, J.-P. Chopart, V. Sobolik

    Electro-chemical processes controlled by high magnetic fields : application to MHD sea water propulsion

    M. Zizi, A. Bouabdallah, Y. Laghouati and A. Alemany

    Influence of a variable friction on the Kelvin–Helmholtz instability

    C. Mistrangelo, L. Bühler

    Perturbations of MHD flows caused by the presence of an electric potential probe

    E. Golbraikh, A. Kapusta, B. Mikhailovich, A. Shapiro, I. Zilberman

    Rotating Turbulent MHD Flow in Crossed Electrical and Magnetic fields

    Frick P., Denisov S., Noskov V., Stepanov R.

    Experimental studies of effective electro conductivity of turbulent liquid metal (beta-effect)

    Frick P., Mizeva I., Stepanov R.

    Role of cross-helicity in fully developed MHD turbulence

    M.Tessarotto, M.Ellero and P.Nicolinia

    Inverse kinetic theory approach to fluid and MHD turbulence

    M. Tessarotto

    Inverse kinetic theory for incompressible magnetofluids

    [P1-27 ] K. Messadek and M. A. Abdou

    Experimental study of the MHD flow in a prototypic inlet manifold section of the DCLL blanket

     17 h- 20 h MC Meeting of COST P 17

    20h00 Gala Dinner

    Wednesday, September 10


    P. Kopčanský (et al.) - Slovak Republic

    Invited lecture : Anti-cancer drug Taxol loaded by magnetic polymer nanospheres for biomedical applications


    Magnetic fluids and magnetic particles

    Chairman : Janis Freibergs (Latvia)

    Electroprocessing of material

    Chairman : Yves Fautrelles (France)


    L. Alberte, K. Ērglis, A. Cēbers

    Thermal fluctuations of magnetotactic bacteria in AC magnetic fields

    A. Bojarevics, I. Kaldre, Yu. Gelfgat, Y. Fautrelle

    A Sensor for Continuous Measurements of the Absolute Thermoelectric Power of Liquid Metal during Turbulent Non-Isothermal Mixing or Segregation of Multi-Component Melts


    E. Blums, G. Kronkalns and M. Maiorov

    Thermoosmosis in magnetic fluids in the presence of a magnetic field

    Iwai K., Furuhashi I., Kumazawa K.

    Second Phase Behavior in Sodium Chloride Aqueous Solution under Strong Magnetic Field


    T. Kuwahara, F. De Vuyst, H. Yamaguchi

    Bubble velocity measurement using magnetic fluid

    A. Jardy, V. Weber, P. Chapelle, D. Ablitzer

    Experimental observation and mathematical modelling of consumable electrode remelting processes


    A Sellier

    Migrating and interacting micro-bubbles immersed in a conducting liquid under the action of uniform ambient electric and magnetic fields

    M. Kirpo, A. Jakovics, E. Baake, B. Nacke

    LES Study of Particle Transport in Turbulent Recirculated Liquid Metal Flows


    10h30-11h00 Coffee break



    Magnetic fluids and magnetic particles

    Chairman : Antoine Sellier (France)

    Electroprocessing of material

    Chairwoman : Jacqueline Etay (France)


    A. Bouhrour, M.Gheraba and D. Kalache

    Natural Convection in a Ferrofluid submitted

    to a Uniform Magnetic Gradient

    M. Langejürgen,  B. Nacke

    Generation of graded microstructure by electromagnetic induced segregation of primary silicon crystals in aluminum silicon alloys


    P. Kopčanský, N.Tomašovičová, M.Koneracká, V.Závišová, M.Timko, L.Tomčo, A. Džarová, A. Šprincová ,M.Hnatič, N.Éber, K.Fodor-Csorba, T.Tóth-Katona, A.Vajda4 and J.Jadzyn

    The role of shape of fine magnetic particles on structural transitions in ferronematics

    S. Asai

    How to Manage a High Magnetic Field in Electromagnetic Processing of Materials


    I. Segal, A. Zablotskaya, E. Lukevics, M. Maiorov, D. Zablotsky, E. Blums, I. Shestakova, I. Domracheva

    Iron oxide based magnetic nanoparticles bearing cytotoxic silylated alkanolamines

    V. Avilov, R. Moldovan, P. Berger, Th. Graf

    Physical principles of electromagnetic weld-pool control in deep penetration laser beam welding of metals


    S. Peyman, A. Iles, N. Pamme

    Handling of magnetic particles in microfluidic devices for the study of chemical reactions and bioanalysis

    P.A. Nikrityuk, S. Ananiev, K. Eckert, R. Grundmann

    The influence of a direct electrical current on the growth of solutal dendrites


    A.A. Bozhko, G.F. Putin, S.A. Suslov

    Magneto-hydrodynamic interaction in a vertical slot filled with ferrofluid

    Na X., Zhang X., Gan Y.

    Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer and Deformation of Initial Shell in Soft Contact Continuous Casting Mold Under High Frequency Electromagnetic Field


    12h40-14h10 Lunch


    14h10 Excursion


    14h10-16h00 GDRE GAMAS meeting


    16 h- 19 h: COST WG4 meeting


    Thursday, September 11


    Metallurgical applications

    Chairman : Claude Reed (USA)


    J. Freibergs - Latvia

    Invited lecture : Some metallurgical applications of MHD


    C. B. Reed, J. A. Nolen, P. N. Ostroumov, Y. Momozaki, and S. Kondrashev

    Liquid Lithium Thin Film Strippers for High-Power Exotic Beam Facilities


    V. Bojarevics and K. Pericleous

    Levitated droplet oscillations : effect of internal flow


    I.Bucenieks, A.Bojarevics, Yu.Gelfgat

    On the Flow at the Liquid Metal Surface Subject to Rotating Magnetic Field


    XD. Wang, Y. Fautrelle,  J. Etay and  R. Moreau

    Metal liquid flows driven by a periodically reversed electromagnetic force


    10h30-11h00 Coffee break



    Metallurgical applications 

    Chairman : Shigeo  Azai  (Japan)

    Crystal growth

    Chairman : Ivan Skorvanek (Slovakia)


    H. Branover, E. Golbraikh, A. Kapusta, Sh. Lesin, B. Mikhailovich and B. Tilman

    Study of Melt Flow in a Liquid Core of a Continuous Ingot

    A. Kao, G. Djambazov, K. Pericleous, and V. Voller

    Effects of Magnetic Fields on Crystal Growth


    I.Kolesnichenko, A.Sukhanovsky, S. Khripchenko, I.Gladkov

    Impact on inclusions in a shallow MHD channel

    Andre Thess, Cornelia Giessler

    Electromagnetical Control of Thermal Convection of a Fluid with Strongly Temperature-Dependent Material Properties


    A. Umbrashko, E. Baake, B. Nacke, A. Jakovics

    Numerical investigations of melt flow and skull formation in cold crucible melting process

    R. Lantzsch, I. Grants, O. Pätzold, M. Stelter, G. Gerbeth

    Vertical Gradient Freeze growth in a combined magnetic AC/DC field


    D. Cepīte, A. Jakovičs, B. Halbedel, U. Krieger

    The Contribution of Radiation Heat Transfer in Temperature Distribution of EM Driven Semi-transparent Glass Melt Flow


    K. Lacis, A. Muiznieks, N. Jekabsons, B. Nacke, G. Ratnieks

    3D unsteady modelling of the influence of applied magnetic field on the melt flow in FZ Si single crystal growth


    Buryak V., Kolesnichenko A.A., Kolesnichenko A.F.

    Extension of active zone of final electromagnetic stirrers by continuous steel casting


    B. Nacke, H. Kasjanow, A. Krauze, A. Muiznieks, F.-M. Kiessling, U. Rehse, P. Rudolph

    Three-dimensional transient modeling of the melt flow in a TMF VCz system for GaAs crystal growth


    12h40-14h10 Lunch



    E. Beaugnon - France

    Invited lecture : Magnetic Ostwald ripening: high static field effect on the growth of ferromagnetic particles by solid state diffusion



    Chairman : Francois Debray (France)

    Crystal growth and metallurgical application

    Chairman : Janis Priede (England)


    I. Škorvánek, J. Marcin, J. Turčanová, J. Kováč, P. Švec

    Effects of heat treatment under an external magnetic field on the soft magnetic properties in FeCo-based nanocrystalline alloys

     L.Gorbunov and A. Pedchenko

    Physical modelling of large-diameter silicon single crystal growth in a rotating magnetic field


    S. Rivoirard, T. Garcin, E. Beaugnon

    Phase transformations in high magnetic field monitored by in-situ measurements

    I.V.Barmin, A.S.Senchenkov, A. Greif, O.Pätzold, U. Wunderwald, A. Cröll, A. Mitric

    Application of rotating magnetic fields to crystal growth under microgravity (Experiments on FOTON M3)


    P. Schetelat, T. Breville, M. Di Michiel and J. Etay

    Electromagnetic levitation – ERSF experiments

    T. Liu, Q. Wang, C. Zhang, A. Gao, C. Lou, J. He

    Faceted to nonfaceted microstructure transformation of Sb phase in Sb-4.8%Mn hypoeutectic alloy induced by high magnetic fields


    Y. Sakaida, K. Iwai and S. Asai

    Crystallographic structure of titanium under imposition of strong magnetic field

    F. Siddiqui, G.I. Kasyan, A.A. Kuchaev, R.J. Jakobshe

    Application of electromagnetic stirring in caster mold in production of round billets

    16h10  Coffee break and poster session 2


    Poster Session 2 : Applied MHD and ferrofluid

    Chairmen : Johan Deconinck (Belgium) and Serguei Molokov (England)

    Ramos E., Beltran A., Cuevas S., and Smolentsev S.

    Dynamic Properties of a Magnetic Obstacle

    M.Abricka and Yu.Gelfgat

    On the flow hydrodynamics in the channel of a cylindrical induction pump with no core

    Buryak V., Kolesnichenko A.A., Kolesnichenko A.F.

    Genaration and spreading of pulse MHD flow in solidifying ingot by continuous steel casting

    Z. Lipnicki, A. Bydałek

    Contact layer between wave thin and cooper plate in a solidification process

    F.Mokhtari, A.Bouabdallah, M.Zizi, S. Hanchi,  A. Alemany

    Analytical study of Modified Czochralski Crystal growth problem

    V.G. Ghilin, Ya.I. Listratov, Yu.P. Ivotchkin, N.G. Razuvanov, V.G. Sviridov

    The experimental liquid metal heat transfer investigations applied to fusion reactor

    D. Zablotsky, V. Frishfelds, E. Blums

    Investigation of heat transfer efficiency of thermomagnetic convection in ferrofluids

    P.A. Nikrityuk, D. Räbiger, K. Eckert, S. Eckert, G. Gerbeth

    Solidification of metal alloys under the influence of pulsemodulated magnetic fields

    M. Tessarotto

    Inverse kinetic theory for incompressible magnetofluids

    L.Gorbunov and A. Pedchenko

    Numerical Simulation of Large-Diameter Silicon Single Crystal Growth in a Rotating Magnetic Field

    T. Kohama, K. Iwai

    Orientation Behavior of Anisotropic Crystal under Magnetic Field by Using X-Ray Diffraction

    A. Muiznieks, A. Rudevics, K. Lacis, H. Riemann, A. Ludge, J. Fischer, F.W. Schulze

    3D modeling for the square-shaped silicon crystal growth process by FZ method

    A. Krauze, J. Priede, R. Hermann, G. Gerbeth,

    Numerical modeling of the growth of small-diameter intermetallic compound crystals by a two-phase RF floating zone method

    S. Smolentsev , R. Moreau,  

    Modeling of quasi-two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

    I.Platnieks, J. E. Freibergs, J. Klavins

    MHD Technique for production of Lead-Lithium Eutectic Alloy

    S. Khripchenko, R. Khalilov, I. Kolesnichenko, S. Denisov, G.Gerbeth

    MHD-pumps operating on the principle of the interaction of the alternating magnetic field with the induced current

    S.Dementjev, F.Groeschel, S.Ivanov

    On an Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal Target for Swiss Spallation Neutron Source

    S.Ivanov, A.Flerov

    Electromagnetic pumps for a liquid metal spallation targets : calculation, diagnostics, reliability

    A.Bojarevics, Yu.Gelfgat, Y.Fautrelle, J.Etay

    Experimental Validation of a Dynamic Method to Determine the Thermoelectric Power of Metallic Liquid Alloys

    J. Priede, D. Buchenau, G. Gerbeth

    Forcefree and contactless electromagnetic flow rate sensors

    J. Forbriger, V. Galindo,  G. Gerbeth and F. Stefani

    Determination of harmonic and pulsed eddy current distributions in a liquid metal

    M. Maiorov, G. Kronkalns, E. Blums

    Complex magnetic susceptibility of cobalt ferrite ferrofluid : influence of carrier viscosity and particle concentration

    A. Bozhko, G. Putin

    On spontaneous oscillations in ferrofluid convection

    A. Mezulis, E. Blums and G. Kronkalns

    Magnetoconvective intensification of heat transfer based on permanent magnets

    M. Timko, P. Kopčanský, F. Herchl, M. Koneracká, K.Marton, I.Kolcunová, L. Tomčo

    Dielectric properties of transformer oil based magnetic fluid

    G. Hasan, M. Alradi and A. Alemany

    Thermo acoustic MHD electrical generator

    S. Chatzidakis, G. Cognet, Y. Fautrelle, R. Ernst

    Analysis of the behaviour of conducting particles dispersed in an insulating liquid under a time-pariodic magnetic field

    K. Zimmermann, V.A. Naletova, I. Zeidis, V.A. Turkov, D.A. Pelevina, T.Friedrich, and R. Richter

    Deformation of a magnetic fluid surface due to ferromagnetic bodies in an applied uniform magnetic fluid

    Minchenya V., Karcher Ch., Kolesnikov Y., Thess A.

    Calibration of the Lorentz Force Velocimeter for High-Temperature Melts

    Michael Mond and Mark Shliomis

    Ultrasound Attenuation in Ferrofluids


    Friday, September 12


    Numerical simulation

    Chairman : Valdis Bojarevich (England)


    J. Deconinck (et al.) - Belgium

    Invited lecture : A numerical framework for (magneto) electrochemistry


    Necdet Aslan

    Numerical Compressible-Incompresible Magneto-Hydrodynamics with External Fields


    M. Barna, M. Javurek, M. Lechner

    Numerical Simulations of the Flow in Round Bloom Strands with Electromagnetic Stirring


    T. Tagawa

    Numerical computation of liquid metal flows driven by the gravity, rotation and surface tension in the presence of a magnetic field


    V. Dousset and A. Pothérat

    Numerical computations of a cylinder wake inside a rectangular duct in a strong axial magnetic field


    10h30-11h00 Coffee break



    Intense magnetic fields

    Chairman : Sergey Smolentsev (USA)


    F. Debray- France

    Invited lecture : Magnet development at the Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory


    K. Starke, S. Horanyi and L. Bühler

    Experimental investigations of liquid-metal MHD flows in a mock-up of a helium cooled lead-lithium test blanket for ITER


    K. Ueno and M. Watabe

    Conducting Fluid Flow around a Rising Particle in a Vessel under a Strong Vertical Magnetic Field


    S. Kenjeres, E. Fornalik, T. Bednarz, W. Wrobel, H. Ozoe, J. S. Szmyd

    Analysis of paramagnetic fluid behavior in a cube differentially heated under a strong non-uniform magnetic field


    12h40-13h00 Closing ceremony

    13h00-14h30 Lunch