Joint 15th Riga and 6th PAMIR International Conference on
7th PAMIR International Conference on
Fundamental and Applied MHD
Fundamental and Applied MHD
   September 8 - 12, 2008 - Presqu'île de Giens - France.   | Home | IPUL Home | MHD-Online | Contacts |

    7th PAMIR International Conference on Fundamental and Applied MHD

    Presqu´île de Giens - France, September 8 - 12, 2008

    Message from the chairmen

       This new pamir conference has enlarged topics and concerns main of the activities which are generally gathered under the term "magnetosciences". This concretises the large potential offered by magnetic field in various domains including fluid mechanics (MHD domains), magneto static, phase transitions, structure control, magnetic fluid, nano particles, biology, chemistry…

    The objective is also to mix scientists from these various domains to make emerge new coupling and industrial activities.

    This pamir conference is placed under the hospice of COST Action P17. This event will be the occasion of the annual Management Committee meeting of this European program. It will also be an opportunity to support the Ampère initiative in connection with an European structure devoted to magneto sciences.

    The organisers are particularly attentive with the access of researchers from unfavoured countries.

    Conference is jointly organized by:


    • Antoine Alemany


    • J.P. Chopart
    • J. Freibergs

    Organizing Committee

      A. Alemany, M. Alradi, J.P. Chopart, B. Collovati, A.L. Daltin, J. Freibergs.

    Scientific Secretaries: